Are things more complex now, than they were five years ago?

Your Work? Your Markets? Your Customers? Your Profession?

How may I help you?

I can help your workforce adapt to the network era, with frameworks I have created, such as personal knowledge mastery (PKM).

I can “simplify the complexity”, as one client put it, in selecting and using enterprise social networks for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Many organizations face the challenge of becoming more networked, collaborative, and distributed, all the while remaining agile in changing markets. I provide pragmatic advice, models, coaching, and presentations that can help your organization make sense of it all.

As the world keeps churning, work today is all about learning.

Professional Services

  • Consulting – Professional services are focused on addressing complex problems involving collaborative work, connected leadership, and social learning, for a wide variety of clients. On-site consulting starts at $5,000*
  • Briefings – Presentations to senior management on the implications of the network era for leadership, management, and organizational development are 3 hours on-site and cover issues of priority to your enterprise. Preparation, briefing, confidential discussions, and follow-up are $5,000*.
  • Public Speaking – Topics range from enterprise collaboration and leadership in networks, to the future of work. Keynote fees are $5,000 – $9,000* including preparation, full day on-site, resources, follow-up, and participation in related discussion panels or interviews.
  • Writing – Includes white papers, such as What’s Working in Online Training (over 28,000 views to date). Fees range from $3,500. Sponsored blog posts are $1,250 each.
  • Workshops: Standard onsite workshops are $5,000* for half-day and $9,000* for a full day. Custom-designed workshops start at $10,000.

    * 50% paid in advance plus expenses at cost.

Professional Affiliations