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Network Era Fluency

Today, it’s all about networks, something you were most likely not taught about in school. This means that most of our education is useless in understanding the world as it currently exists. Yes, useless. If you were raised during the past several decades you probably understand tribes and institutions. You likely heard a lot about… Read more »

my Net

Ten years ago I started out on my own. I took a bit of a gamble – no job, two school-age children, no clients. I was an optimist. I live in the middle of nowhere as far as the business world is concerned, and without the internet I would not be able to do my… Read more »

stop talking about jobs

Andy McAfee reports in HBR that United Technologies is laying off workers, even though its stock is at an all time high and sales have increased by 35%. I simply want to point out that if this example is part of any larger trend, then we cannot rely on economic growth to fix our current… Read more »

Open as in commons, not garden

Once again, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. I have been a proponent of the open web and open source software for the past decade and more. This site was Creative Commons licensed when CC was in its infancy. I have talked several times about the importance of owning your data…. Read more »

From ideas to ideology

Charles Green wrote a few years ago that management is still fighting the industrial revolution: Ideas lead technology. Technology leads organizations. Organizations lead institutions. Then ideology brings up the rear, lagging all the rest—that’s when things really get set in concrete. So basically, ideas are enabled by new technology around which new organizations are created…. Read more »

Cooperating in the open

I’ve been thinking about collaboration and cooperation a lot lately. I see PKM as mostly comprising cooperative behaviours, as well as being self-serving (in the good sense). With cooperation, there is often no direct feedback on behaviour. Feedback emerges from the network through time. The image below is based on a previous post on tools… Read more »