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Enterprise 2.0 transition

The E20 Meetup in Paris today discussed the role of “Organizational Development” (OD) and “Human Ressource Management” (HR) in the Enterprise 2.0 game play. The discussions focused on how and in what manner OD and HR can support adoption & transformation processes. Bjoern Negelmann was the host. Jon Husband and I attended via Google Hangout. Others… Read more »

Crossing the social media threshold

My ongoing conversation with Michael Cook continues (Organizational Development Talks: OrgDevTalk), with these thoughts: Harold: With the delays that seem to be following each of your recent responses to me you may be thinking I have fallen through the web someplace and cannot find my way back. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth, although I… Read more »

Glass Houses

My conversation with Michael Cook continues (Organizational Development Talks: OrgDevTalk), this time with no specific question, but some very good insight and commentary: Harold: I just read your response to my latest couple of questions. In my view your response is profound. I especially like the reference to the address delivered to people in the HR… Read more »

Changing the mechanistic mindset

The latest question from Michael Cook (Organizational Development Talks: OrgDevTalk) continues from our last conversations: Harold: I am still not certain about my future as a member of the blogging community but I have revisited our last exchange and rekindled my spirit for that dialogue… Among the many things you said in your post of February 1st… Read more »

The language of social business

The latest question from Michael Cook (Organizational Development Talks: OrgDevTalk) continues from our last one: Wow, your response to my last question was a deep and wide one indeed. I think I may need to put some more definite boundaries around where my concerns lie. First, the line from your last response that captured my interest was… Read more »

Social media for senior managers

This is the second of my conversations with Michael Cook (Organizational Development Talks: OrgDevTalk). Michael: I was thinking about the metaphor you used in responding to my question, that “social media are like new languages”, then after reflecting on that idea for a while I re-read your response and realized that you had actually said “social media… Read more »

Organizational Development and social media

This post is the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing conversation (Organizational Development Talks: OrgDevTalk) between Michael Cook and myself. Mike contacted me after having read my posts through the Human Capital League, which cross-posts many of my articles. Michael: “Thanks again for both the time and the conversation we’ve started on… Read more »