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Move the hierarchy to the rear

In an environment where everyone is a leader, some other mechanism needs to be put in place to ensure that everyone can maintain and optimize the tenets of fairness, trust and transparency so the entire organization can move forward. – Harrison Monarth: HBR The foundation for this “other mechanism” is the wirearchy framework: a dynamic… Read more »

7 guidelines for managing open networks

Ed Morrison, Advisor for the Purdue Center for Regional Development, says that many of the familiar approaches to management no longer apply, and goes on to provide 7 keys to guiding an open network. I have added my images and one other that support this excellent set of rules. Click on each image for a link… Read more »

Six roles of network management

If helping the network make better decisions is a primary role of management in the emerging economy, how does one get there? I highlighted the six roles of management in the network era in my last post and I would like to build on these and show how this is being practiced at Change Agents… Read more »

Connected leadership is helping the network make better decisions

Organizations face more complexity in the type of work they do, the problems they face, and the markets they interact with. This is due to increasing connections between everyone and everything. To deal with this complexity, organizations must structure around loose hierarchies and strong networks. This challenges command and control management as well as the… Read more »

The future of management is talent development

What is the major difference between the scientific management framework that informed so many of our work practices, and the new management requirements for the connected enterprise in the network age? Frederick Winslow Taylor started with a basic assumption about the difference between labour and management. Labour was stupid and management was intelligent. Now one… Read more »

Connected leadership is not the status quo

What is connected leadership? It’s not the status quo. Stephen Downes provides a succinct counterpoint to certain popular leadership literature, especially “great man” theories. ‘Leadership’ is the trait people who have been successful ascribe as the reason for their success. It is one of those properties that appears to be empirically unverifiable and is probably… Read more »