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Good Friday Finds

Which Comes First: Engaged Employees or Customer Success? via @OscarBerg You want to have tools to help employees get work done. Those tools are no longer the HR systems of performance management and compensation. — those don’t help to get your work done. What we’re seeing is heavy adoption of work management tools, task management,… Read more »

Points and counterpoints

@AndrewJacobsLD – “Phrase of the day: Klout is nothing more than a data selfie.” @jbordeaux : “In complexity, the ‘edge’ is also referred to as the ‘onset of chaos’. May explain resistance [to change].”

Management is for suckers

@nilofer: “In the industrial era, what created scale was more resources. In the social era, what creates scale is trust.” “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” – John Maynard Keynes – via @flowchainsensei

The world of AD 2014 will have few routine jobs

@KateCrawford – “Consent is meaningless without comprehension, and comprehension is impossible without visibility.” “I’ve learned that as soon as you introduce controls on human behaviour, you lose the game.” -John Seddon – via @hemppah

Knowing what we know

Friday’s Finds: @CelineSchill – “We’ve hired & promoted generations of managers with robust analytical skills & poor social skills, and we don’t seem to think that matters.” @flowchainsensei – “At all levels “leaders” have no answers for our problems. We have to find our own solutions, together.” @DocOnDev – “People cannot both follow orders without… Read more »

Culture is our nature

Friday’s Finds: WSJ: Drop the nature vs nurture debate But new research has led biologists to a different view. We didn’t adapt to a particular Stone Age environment. We adapted to a newly unpredictable and variable world. And we did it by developing new abilities for cultural transmission and change. Each generation could learn new… Read more »

Networked monkeys

@flowchainsensei – “Even when companies don’t pay peanuts, seems like they still mostly want monkeys. If I’m gonna be a monkey, at least it’ll be a Chaos Monkey.” @hreingold – “In 5th grade, I tried to drop out. My teacher regarded me as a problem and I hated school. My parents moved me to a… Read more »